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The “innocent” beauty of the countryside

The ancient Nostra Signora dei Turchi country house is located in the heart of Salento, to the south of most eastern south of Puglia; the resort is in Giurdignano, a very small and enchanting village half an hour from the beautiful Barocco that is Lecce. Giurdignano is well known by those who like the fascinating and puzzling dolmen and menhirs: precious testimony of the countryside hypogeal, ingenuous syncretism of small rocky churches and the ineffable and refined Byzantine art. But we must underline also the friendliness of the inhabitants and the “innocent beauty” of the country side, lying between gigantic and majestic millenarian olive trees. Giurdignano represents the elective area for mysterious megalithic monuments and rocky caves: in its downtown one can admire the three-nave S. Salvatore crypt. In the proximity of the village several menhirs has been discovered and well restored: (Palanzano’s, Monte Tangolo, San Paolo, Vicinanze I, Vicinanze II, Madonna di Costantinopoli, Fausa, San Vincenzo) as well as some beautiful dolmens (Orfine, Peschio, Chiancuse, Cauda, Grassi, Sferracavalli). In the surrounding areas, one can stili admire the Centoporte early Christian church. Legend says it was originally an winter Headquarter for Otranto soldiers. On the road to Uggiano, one can wonder on the early Middle Ages San Salvatore church, with some frescos in the centrai apses. Consecutively, two families moved to this area contributing to the demographic growth: Vicinanza’s and Palanzano’s. Among Giurdignano’s feudatories are Alfarano Capece – an illustrious family of Greek origins, descending from Alano Signore d’Epiro. Before the XVII century Giurdignano’s Patron was Madonna del Tuono (The Lady of Thunder). Then – between the end of eighteenth and the beginning of nineteenth century it was switched to Saint Rocco who protected the village from the plague. They said that over two centuries ago a Venetian Boat whose crew had been afflicted by a mysterious infernal disease passed through the Otranto channel. The Captain invoked S.Rocco’s help. Once cured and saved, as an offering for the Saint’s cruciai help, he decided to raise a statue in his honour in the first village he would have encountered. Once in Giurdignano, he gave the village a wonderful statue fulfilling his promise. Saint Rocco’s solemn Day is August the 16th. Dettaglio Esterno B&B Nostra Signora dei Turchi

How to reach us

Nostra Signora dei Turchi Via Madonna del Rosario, 873020 Giurdignano (LE)
  • Phone +39 0836 81 31 00
  • Mobile +39 340 38 87 125
  • E-mail: nst@email.it
  • By car: Follow the A1-E55 highway (Bologna-Taranto) and take the North Bari exit. Follow the directions for Brindisi-Lecce; On the outskirts of Lecce take the bypass road taking the direction of Maglie. On the outskirts of Maglie follow the indications to Otranto. On the Maglie-Otranto road (SS 16) take the Giurdignano exit.
  • By airplane: Brindisi airport is 65 Km. away from Nostra Signora dei Turchi. Shuttles (for Lecce), Rent-a-car (highly recommended) and Taxis are available at the arrivai terminal.
  • By train: Lecce train station is 35 km away from Nostra Signora dei Turchi. Taxis or Rent-a-car are available in the train station nearby.